HooRii Technology is the founder of Thread technology in China and an expert in Near Field Communication. Internationally, HooRii Technology is a key contributor and member of Thread and Matter protocol organizations, providing end-side, edge-side, software, and hardware Thread solutions worldwide, and has helped dozens of end-device manufacturers to upgrade their Thread technology.


HooRii Technology is committed to building a low-power, scalable, low-latency, high-security, all-IP IoT ecosystem based on the Thread IoT protocol for China, and providing the world with the most advanced IoT near-field communication access solutions and solutions.


HooRii Technology has been working with China Mobile, Nordic Semiconductor, Cascoda, Lenovo, Micro Pulse, AliCloud, and Vericom to create the world's largest Thread network at CATL Thuringia plant in Germany. HooRii Technology is also the developer of the OpenThread device access standard in China Mobile's OneNET platform and is the sole co-author of China Mobile's OneNET platform.

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Address:  201, Block A, Future Centre, Wuchang Street, Hangzhou, China

Tel: +86 0571-88968506                           Email: contact@hoorii.io


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