Business Scenario Advantages of Thread Technology

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The arrival of the digital wave has caused many companies to rethink the importance of data and efficiency, which has also spawned many high-tech developments around the Internet of Things.

As an emerging near-field IoT communication technology, Thread has the following characteristics, which solves the deficiencies of existing technologies in practical applications.

Native IP support

Thread is an open standard for wireless communications that supports native IP connectivity, allowing developers to directly enable device-to-device, device-to-mobile, and device-to-cloud IP communications. Not only one-to-one, but also one-to-many multicast communication, which is suitable for development and use of various needs.

Most of today's commercial buildings are composed of technical islands. For example, lighting and smoke detectors in commercial office buildings are two completely different systems, which need to be operated independently and cannot be controlled uniformly. Thread with IP attributes can communicate with each other through the IP network, making it possible to manage the building system in a unified manner, with greater flexibility.

Management-friendly network layer

And because Thread is an IP-based technology, it is easy for system administrators to manage and set up networks without worrying about address and topology assignments.

Since Thread uses IP, all devices in the Thread network can access the Internet directly without gateway switching. This means that all device-to-device, device-to-mobile, and device-to-cloud communications can be on top of a common IP network layer.

At the same time, under the connection of IP, enterprises can also seamlessly integrate networks such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi and LTE. Multiple buildings in a commercial environment share a single network layer, making management easier and simpler.

Automatically switch to nearby nodes

The device can seamlessly and autonomously switch to the node with the closest topological position in the network, or the administrator can set the priority network. This makes Thread super scalable. When the network is expanded with new nodes, there is no need to replace the entire network equipment.

The identification and verification of each device can be managed to meet the needs of IT

Enterprise-level IT systems need to be able to assign an identity network to each device they host. Thread provides a secure, verifiable identity for each individual device, and every message inside Thread is bank-grade AES-128 encrypted.


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