HooRii Console opens beta sign-up, collaborating with HooRii Technology to empower Matter developers

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Recently, HooRii Technology announced the launch of their comprehensive developer platform, HooRii Console, and started accepting applications for beta testing. Through HooRii Console, HooRii Technology offers the turkey solution and related services for Matter, enabling developers to efficiently and cost-effectively develop, test, certify, and mass-produce Matter products.

Matter, led by industry giants such as Apple, Google, and Amazon, is a global standardized application layer protocol that ensures high security and interoperability among various brands and types of smart devices.

The latest version, Matter 1.2, has expanded support for 9 smart device categories, including robotic vacuums, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, among others. Currently, it supports over 20 different categories, and this number will continue to increase with ongoing updates and iterations of the Matter protocol.

Additionally, looking at the market trends, various industry giants from both domestic and international markets have entered the field. This includes an increasing number of upstream and downstream manufacturers actively supporting Matter by introducing Matter chips, modules, applications, gateways, and consumer end-products.

With the rapid development of Matter, one of the primary challenges faced by brand manufacturers is how to quickly complete the development of Matter products and bring them to market to gain a competitive edge. However, due to the high security and uniformity standards reflected in the Matter protocol, there are currently several obstacles in this process:

Challenge 1: During the product development process, defining the product based on the Matter protocol model, selecting suitable chips, and developing applications.

Challenge 2: During the product testing phase, establishing a testing environment and executing test cases based on the Matter protocol.

Challenge 3: During the product certification process, understanding the requirements of the CSA Alliance for Matter certification and executing the relatively complex certification process.

Challenge 4: During the mass-production process, conducting production testing of the products, adhering to printing specifications for product QR codes, and meeting other production requirements.

In order to solve these problems, HooRii Technology has conducted a lot of researches, summaries and analyses on Matter eco-companies and brand manufacturers' customers, and designed and developed the industry's first Matter developer platform, HooRii Console, based on HooRiiOS.

HooRii Technology, through HooRii Console, will provide the following capabilities and services to the vast community of Matter developers:

1.Implement rapid online definition and low-code development of products based on the Matter standard protocol, as well as selection of chips and modules.

2.Provide development board kits for Matter product development and debugging.

3.Provide test case guidance matching the Matter product definition, as well as related testing services.

4.Provide certification services including Matter certification, WWGH, WWHK, WWA, as well as management of Matter certificates and other materials.

5.Provide HPLS (HooRii Production Line Service) production line services, supporting production line testing and Matter QR code printing.

HooRii Technology offers a unique one-stop Matter solution and related services, leveraging these capabilities to assist brand manufacturers, developers, and IDH partners in developing, testing, certifying, and mass producing Matter products in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

As the foundation of HooRii Console, HooRiiOS has been continuously strengthened throughout the development process. Currently, HooRiiOS has evolved into a multi-domain IoT operating system for smart homes, smart factories, intelligent buildings, and other fields within HooRii Technology. It supports multiple cores and provides seamless integration and compatibility with the HooRii Console platform.

HooRii Console is now accepting applications for beta testing. If you want to be among the first to discover the capabilities and services of HooRii Console and experience rapid development of Matter products, please copy the link provided:


Alternatively, you can scan the QR code below to apply for the HooRii Console beta testing.

Deadline for beta testing application: December 29, 2023

Confirmation of beta testing participant list: January 4, 2024. Final notifications will be sent via email.

Limited spots available, first come, first served

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