HooRii Technology's Matter certified smart plug

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HooRii Technology's Smart plug has successfully passed the Matter certification. This certification is also the first Matter category certificate held by HooRii Technology, which means that with the help of HooRii Technology, device manufacturers can quickly put Matter devices into production without having to go through the complicated certification process.

Matter Certification

It is based on the HRT31 ultra-small package module, developed in conjunction with the TLSR9218 SoC module and the Telink Matter SDK. The module features ultra-low power consumption, ultra-small package, reliable and stable performance, etc.


HooRiiOS is a commercial distribution system with powerful system capabilities and multi-core, cross-platform features. As the software baseline for Thread terminals, it provides Thread near-field network access, Matter application layer ecological access, and public cloud access to the cloud.

HooRiiOS provides "development-free Matter firmware" for a range of device categories, supporting both domestic and international cross-ecology interconnection capabilities, and satisfying both domestic and international mainstream chip and core options. With simple configuration and debugging, vendors can quickly build Matter commercial products.

About HooRii Technology

HooRii Technology is the founder of thread technology in China and an expert in near field communication. Internationally, HooRii Technology is a key contributor and member of thread and matter protocol organizations, providing end-side, edge-side, software, and hardware thread solutions worldwide, and has helped dozens of end-device manufacturers to upgrade their thread technology.

HooRii Technology is committed to building a low-power, scalable, low-latency, high-security, all-IP IoT ecosystem based on the thread IoT protocol for China, and providing the world with the most advanced IoT near-field communication access solutions and solutions.

If you would like to know more about Matter over Thread solutions, please leave a message and we look forward to working with you.


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